Youth Leadership Training: Intergenerational & Intercultural Understanding 2024


We believe that people of different generations and cultures should come together to find common ground and to recognise that we all have a place and belonging in Singapore.

Through our Youth Leadership Training: IGIC, youth leaders from different schools will be provided training, mentorship, project support and opportunity to champion intergenerational (IG) campaigns/ projects with seniors and/or intercultural (IC) campaigns/ projects with migrant workers. This would enable youths to inculcate a greater sense of community and appreciation towards different generations and cultures.

Through facilitated workshops and guided conversations with youths, Soristic and our partner organisations endeavour to instil an informed sense of intergenerational, cultural and diversity skills for youth leaders.


  • Youths instilled with a sense of community spirit and intergenerational bonding
  • Promote critical thinking amongst youths towards pressing issues in Singapore Increased family and social cohesion among different generations
  • Be open to diverse views and perspectives from different generations and cultural backgrounds

Activities Covered

  • Training Workshops (Bridging the Gap + Ideas, Marketing and Campaign Implementation + Outcome Evaluation)
  • Guided Conversations Mentorship and Support Human
  • Library Sessions (IG and IC topics)
  • Interactive Activities