The SPH Foundation Arts Fund aims to give the underprivileged the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the arts. At the same time, the Fund will also help local arts groups to produce quality productions and reach out to more audiences. The Fund will be used to purchase tickets for the underprivileged to attend the arts production. In return, the SPH Foundation will be accorded a sponsor status for the production.

All Singapore arts groups which are registered with the Commissioner of Charities (COC), Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or the Registry of Societies (ROS) are eligible to apply for the Fund.

The SPH Foundation Green Fund is set up to support viable green projects such wildlife conservation and environmental protection. The fund supports 3R ideas or conservative plans as well as ingenious ways of cultivating and preserving distinctive native flora and fauna for future generations to enjoy.

The Sayang Sayang Fund is established as an agile, community response fund to convene donors and community partners to provide targeted support for vulnerable communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covers charitable organisations (secular, non-political) that are able to:

  1. Meet community needs in Singapore
  2. Falls within CFS mandate (i.e relief of poverty, advancement of education, health, arts, environment, sport that advances health)

All grants are made in consultation with donors, and will therefore go through the following process:

  1. Proposal from charity
  2. Assessment by CFS
  3. Indicative donor support
  4. Grant application
  5. Decision, grant offer and agreement
  6. Grant disbursement
  7. Progress report

Covers NPOs and initiatives that aims to address the mental health needs of children and youth (aged 10-16) in Singapore.

  1. Preventive mental health education
  2. Research and public education initiatives that reach out to youths, their parents and their peers

Funding is also set aside for youth-led projects that emphasise on supporting their peers who are struggling

The Tote Board Social Service Fund provides grants for critical and strategic social service programmes and new programmes for the social service sector. TBSSF provides grants for critical and strategic social service programmes and new programmes for the social service sector.

From FY21-23, the following priority areas will guide NCSS’ fund allocation:

  1. Support for families to break out of cycle of intergenerational social disadvantage
  2. Support for caregivers to manage their caregiving responsibilities and care for themselves as well
  3. Support for persons with mental health conditions to attain empowerment and social inclusion

The Community Integration Fund (CIF) was launched by the National Integration Council (NIC) in September 2009 to supports organisations in implementing ground-up integration initiatives.

Grants are provided to organisations, companies and trade unions with projects that satisfy at least one of the following objectives:

  1. Provide information and resources on Singapore
  2. Encourage social interaction between locals, immigrants and foreigners
  3. Encourage emotional attachment to and involvement in Singapore
  4. Promote a positive mindset towards integration

The Harmony Fund set up by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) aims to encourage fresh ideas on promoting inter-racial and inter-religion harmony through co-funding eligible projects submitted by individuals and NPOs.

Grants are provided to organisations and youths whose projects/programmes fall under one of the following categories:

  1. Youth programmes; contribute towards youth leadership development, engagement of young working adults and the growth of youth interest groups or social movements, or enhancements of current youth related programmes
  2. Capability development; projects that strengthen organisation’s capabilities and capacities
  3. Youth leadership development; for outstanding youth leaders who wish to pursue training and development in reputable local and international platforms
  4. Research; projects that deepen the understanding of salient youth issues or trends

The Invictus Fund was established by NCSS to marshal private donations to support Social Service Agencies (SSAs) in maintaining service delivery and serving clients safely and effectively during the pandemic.

The fund is open to all NCSS full and associate members and the Invictus Fund will support SSAs in their transformation of service delivery and operations through IT solutions and business continuity plans incorporating safe management measures to ensure service continuity.