Grant Information

HSBC-SMU Sustainability and Innovation Grant

The grant provides sustainability related social enterprises with funding to accelerate these start-ups in their journey towards integrating sustainable practices and business models.

Teams are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Clear Problem Definition
    • Teams have to provide a clear articulation of the problem or pain situation they are targeting
  2. Market Product Fit
    • Teams are required to state the target market-product fit and clearly articulate the input and data collected from potential customers/buyers and businesses
  3. Differentiation of Product, Service or Technology
    • Teams are required to illustrate and explain the differentiated features of their existing product, service or platform vis-à-vis competitor analysis
  4. Social Impact
    • A clear theory of change on how the business model delivers sustainability-related social impact is needed
  5. Scalability
  6. Well-Thought Business Model/Customer Acquisition Initiatives
  7. Quality of Founding Team
    • Founders should possess coachability, drive, integrity, community-orientation and grit
  8. Sustainable Business Model
    • The startup can be for profit or a non-profit but must be able to sustain itself


Animals, Arts/Culture/Humanities, Community Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human & Civil Rights, Human Services, International, Research & Public Policy, Religion
Usage of Grant
Capacity Building, Capability Building, Programmes
Funding Quantum
$10,001 - $50,000