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Quantedge Foundation

The Quantedge Foundation focuses on helping disadvantaged families break out from inter-generational poverty and giving every child or youth an equal opportunity to maximise his/her potential, regardless of his/her socio-economic background.

Efforts to promote a more inclusive and caring society, by raising awareness of vulnerable communities and seed-funding projects to meet their diverse needs are also supported.

Programmes that are supported include:

  1. The Early Years (0 - 6 years old):
    • Improving care and support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds
  2. The Growing Years (7 - 16 years old):
    • Improving low-income students' access to high quality, transformative opportunities that expand their opportunity set, while supporting their social and emotional development
  3. The Blossoming Years (17 - 25 years old):
    • Improving tertiary education access, affordability and completion for low-income students
  4. The Community:
    • raising awareness of vulnerable communities and seed-funding initiatives to experiment and demonstrate the viability of new approaches to meet diverse needs


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