Grant Information

Tote Board – Arts Fund

Covers NPOs, informal groups of artists and individual Singaporeans/Permanent Residents (who are recognised by their peers as practising artists) of the following genres:

  1. Music, dance, theatre, musical theatre and multi-disciplinary performances
  2. Visual arts (including photography) exhibitions
  3. Literary arts events (e.g readings, poetry performances)

Additionally, projects must fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Stage a performance/exhibition in non-conventional venues like community centre, school, pavilion, void deck, park, or outdoor space with a residential catchment
  2. Demonstrate efforts to reach out to underserved segments by ensuring better accessibility through choice of project venue or content, or involving them in the production/creative process
  3. Demonstrate efforts to engage audience effectively and improve their understanding of the project by incorporating interpretative or educational components (i.e pre/post show talks)
  4. Effort for deeper engagement of the community, such as participation of the community in the production/creation process


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