Besides developing the online simulation that allows users to live through the daily lives of the characters and understand the challenges they face, Soristic also develops workshop curriculum to enable workshop participants to further develop an empathetic and inclusive mindset that will not only make them better future leaders but also contribute to a more inclusive and compassionate society. 

Our specially curated workshop curriculum for schools and corporate can be conducted in-person or online. 

For Schools

Our “In My Shoes” Empathy Workshop for youths is a combination of role play, reflection, purposeful discussion and skills training to enable youth to develop an empathetic and inclusive mindset.
Through the online simulation, the youths live the lives of characters with conditions such as depression and learning difficulties that they may encounter in their daily school life. The youths are then provided with a safe space to engage in purposeful discussions about their experiences and reflections with their peers and our facilitators. This is lastly followed by skills training on how they can be more empathetic and inclusive.

Workshop's objectives

  • Learn others’ perspectives and understand their feelings
  • Recognise schoolmates and friends that need help
  • Practice empathy by showing compassion and support for others
  • Develop more productive and satisfying relationships for a healthy and inclusive school culture

For Corporate

Our “In My Shoes” inclusion and diversity workshop for corporate centres around empathy skills training to enable better workplace leadership, higher job performance as well as a more inclusive and diverse work environment. The workshop is a combination of role play, reflection, case studies, purposeful discussion and skills training to support participants to develop an empathetic and inclusive mindset. 



Workshop's objectives

  • Benefits of empathy for the self and the workplace
  • Learn others’ perspectives and understand their feelings
  • Learn about your unconscious bias
  • Learn techniques to reflect, consider and engage others’ perspectives
  • Practice empathetic leadership
  • Learn how to build a more inclusive and diverse work environment

Our workshops can also be customised to meet the specific learning objectives of your organisation.
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What we have done so far


July 2020 - March 2021

Empathy Simulation Development

Since July 2020, Soristic has been actively participating in the content building and development of the simulation. Several rounds of beta testing has also been conducted together with students and professionals.

18 March 2021

Simulation Release cum Workshop

In March 2021, Soristic has officially released the simulation which aims to instill the mindset of inclusivity to the community by providing a platform where people get to experience the various life scenario of others.

25 March 2021

Educators Workshop

After the release of the simulation, Soristic organised a review session to guide the educators who would wish to run In Their Shoes workshops of their own.

20 May 2021

Public Workshop

On May 2021, Soristic conducted its first Empathy Workshop with an overwhelming response of 81 signups in total. During the workshop, participants were able to try out the simulations and share their thoughts with others.

... ...

Simulation development

Soristic is upgrading the simulation with new characters such as persons with disabilities and improving our workshop content with the educators and public.