Youth Inclusivity Challenge 2022

Increasingly, youths are expected to consistently adapt to changes and pressures internally and externally in their schooling landscape. These stresses, on top of academic expectations and social pressures have resulted in youths feeling more overwhelmed, alienated and for some, depressed.


In My School Youth Inclusivity Challenge 2022 is a for youth by youth campaign curated to empower youths in creating an inclusive school environment for all, together. 12 schools and 70 youth leaders participated, with 2988 youth participants reached with their campaigns/initiatives.

Content Covered

Learning Difficulty

Low-Income Background

Depression and Anxiety

Peer Pressure

Cyber Bullying

Self Esteem

Impact Report

The In My School Youth Inclusivity Challenge will equip and empower youths to create student led programs to come together to address the unique challenges and issues within their own school environment. These ideas might be in the form of peer support groups, mental health awareness weeks, creating safe physical spaces for youths to gather and  support other youths.


Students come together in groups of up to 5 students per school. At inception of the challenge, students will experience In My Shoes online simulation workshop to understand how an empathetic mindset forms the basis of developing supportive individuals in their communities.

Soristic will conduct research methodology sessions (such as focus group facilitation skills) that they can use in conversations with peers to formulate solutions to address the issues they identify within their school environment.


Students will attend workshops such as Design Thinking workshop and Program Innovation for Ground Up Movement. Over 8 weeks, students will get a chance to develop and iterate their ideas and campaigns with the support of community mentors that will come from diverse fields such as social sector and social enterprises with experience working with youths and also corporate mentors from advertising and marketing backgrounds.