Grants are provided to organisations, locally registered societies and educational institutions with projects/programmes that:

  1. Conform to nation’s educational and cultural policies
  2. Help to promote the standard of Chinese Language
  3. Help to promote and develop Chinese culture
  4. Presence of creative elements
  5. Cause great impact and benefit a mass group of people

Grants are provided to NPOs that organise projects/programmes in the following domains:

  1. Environmental protection
  2. Promoting Education
  3. Caring for the underprivileged

The grant supports charitable causes in the areas of advancement of education and relief of poverty. TMK Charity Fund seeks to provide education grants to educational institutions as well as donations to charitable organisation that provide social and/or financial assistance to the impoverished community.

The Trailblazer General Fund focuses on:

  1. Sponsoring the education and development of Singaporeans who have unique talent or innovative ideas and who can make a difference to the community
  2. Sponsoring the education and development of ASEAN students who are studying or training in Singapore
  3. Sponsoring events and programmes to enrich opportunities for youths and the disabled to enable them to excel

COMO foundation funds non-profit organisations focused on improving the lives of underserved women and girls and are driven by a clear theory of change. Capital projects or inidviduals are exlcuded.

The Lien Fouindation is a Singapore-based philanthropic organisation that seeks to inspire social change and improve the lives of seniors, children with special needs and those who are born into low-income homes.

The foundation supports individuals and organisations that does work for the following target groups:

  1. Elderly poor (care programmes)
  2. Children (education and rehabilitation programmes)

The fund supports NPOs that does work for the following causes:

  1. Aged
  2. Children and youth
  3. Disabled

With key causes being education and community development.

The foundation:

  1. Supports projects that have a cascading effect or multiplier benefit so that each dollar goes a longer way to helping more people
  2. Assists beneficiaries that have not received the support of other funds or government bodies
  3. Helps organisations which help themselves, especially those which are well-managed and efficiently-run

The Chua Foundation looks for grantees whose primary purpose aligns with the Foundation’s, namely:

  1. Special Needs Care
  2. Elderly Care

The foundation provides grants to charities whose area of work focus on the following:

  1. Animals
  2. Environment
  3. Migrant workers
  4. Minority races
  5. Women’s rights

The foundation provides funding in two ways; it tries to achieve maximum impact by engaging in activities that have maximum outreach and multiplier effect. It may fund activities which are involved in: advocacy, education, and publicity through press, road shows and social media. Alternatively, the foundation may originate its own programmes and/or partner with other charitable organisations to undertake such activities.