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Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund (TBCHF) – Grant

TBCHF is designed as a seed fund for social service agencies or non-profit organisations to pilot innovative Programmes for the Community Care sector.

Organisations or Institutions eligible are:

  1. Co-operatives
  2. NPOs/SSAs
  3. Social Enterprises which are members of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE)
  4. Regional Healthcare Systems
  5. Government Agencies
  6. Public Healthcare Institutions
  7. Grassroots Organisations
  8. Private service providers that serve subsidised clients (e.g. private nursing homes on portable subsidy)

There are 3 key priorities for the TBCHF:

  1. Care and Support
    • New care models that allow seniors to be better cared for within the community
    • Support for niche group of caregivers (eg. senior caregivers to spouse/children with disabilities)
    • Community networks to support individual family units in their caregiving responsibilities
    • Secondary prevention (i.e preventing fraility)
  2. Care Integration
    • Capability building for community providers to expand scope to provide social and health services
    • Setting up linkages and protocols between different community providers to manage clients across multiple services
  3.  Emerging Areas
    • New programmes outside of the aforementioned two priorities
    • New priorities identified


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