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Tote Board – Enabling Lives Initiative (TBELI) Grant

The Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant is a renewed tranche of $20 million grant that will bring together the best ideas from the community of non-profit organisations, social enterprises and innovators to create scalable, impactful innovations for persons with disabilities. The Grant is funded by Tote Board and administered by SG Enable.

The grant funds projects, as well as, the scaling up of existing programmes that fall within the following categories:

  1. Innovative ideas
  2. Product or prototype development
  3. New service models or programmes
  4. Pilot programmes
  5. Localisation of overseas best practices
  6. Ready-to-scale projects and programmes

There is a focus on the following cross-cutting issues in the disability sector:

  1. Caregiver and Natural Support
  2. Data and Technology
  3. Transition Management


Community Development, Health, Human Services
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Capacity Building, Programmes
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