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Trailblazer Foundation – T-Touch Fund

The T-Touch Fund receives personal donations from employees of Temasek International, as well as matching donations from Temasek Holdings.

The Fund disburses donations to support various community causes, including:

  1. Vocational training of youth from broken, single parent or low income families, or youth with disabilities
  2. Tuition and mentoring programmes for abused youths
  3. Pre-school education for children from poor and disadvantaged families
  4. Special education for children with disability but who have the potential to support themselves financially and live meaningful lives
  5. Support to any other charitable causes in any manner deemed suitable; including but not limited to the poor and needy who by reason of ill-health, misfortune, or infirmity are wholly or in part unable to maintain themselves, or have no one to maintain them, in particular, those in need of moral or social rehabilitation, welfare and vocational support.


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