Grant Information

VWOs-Charities Capability Fund (VCF) – Innovation & Productivity Grant (Research)

The grant is under the purview of VCF Innovation & Productivity Grant (IPG), which is split into 4 grants:

  1. IT Adoption
  2. Pre-Scoped Consultancy
  3. Adopting and Scaling of Innovation and Productivity Improvements
  4. Research

Funds are provided to support Social Service Agencies' research in intervention strategy, service design and professional practice. The types of research conducted can be:

  1. Needs assessment; to identify needs and gaps of their sub-sector to pilot programme or review existing programmes
  2. Monitoring and evaluation; to evaluate how well a programme is being implemented to address any shortcomings in achieving desired outcomes
  3. Service development; systematic review of innovative service models to know what works
  4. Practice-based research; examination and analysis of practice to identify best practices through evidence-based research to develop social service professional practice


Animals, Arts/Culture/Humanities, Community Development, Education, Environment, Health, Human & Civil Rights, Human Services, International, Research & Public Policy, Religion
Usage of Grant
Capability Building
Funding Quantum
$100,001 - $500,000